Sherwood Secret Service






There are several rules that you have to follow to be successful in this clan...

- You NEVER run in PvP, doesn't matter how many people are fighting you, if you hit them, you gotta fight until you win or lose. I don't want people to think that this is a noob clan.

-If you want a rank-up, let me know, i will come up with challanges for you. If you complete them you will rank up. If you recruit a specific amount of people is also a good way to rank up.

- You don't attack anybody unless you get permission, or until me, or other Generals(GNRs) tell you you can.

-That brings me to the next rule. You always have to listen to someone higher rank than you, if you don't, you will not to good in this clan and you might as well quit.

-Raids are ment to be for fun, but if I say we are leaving, everybody has to leave. NO EXCUSES!



If you are a brand new member of SSS, you click on " Register", and then you put in the following information.


If you ever need help with PvP, there will be people who can help you. If you choose to, you can ask me, or you can ask whoever you think is a good. Or you can read the topic about PvP provided to you in the PvP page.


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