Sherwood Secret Service

PvP tutorial for beginners.

Try to use the number attacks instead of the "ctrl" attacks. There is a good reason why you should use the number layout for fighting instead of the "ctrl" attacks. When you are attacking you are holding "ctrl" down you are not healing because that is the attack button. And when you are attacking you are not healing. Most of the players hold "ctrl" while blocking with "shift". You will notice becau

The number 1 rule of PvP in this clan is to never run. Running will make you look like a noob. Never run, doesn't matter how many opponents there are against you.

PMs are a very important part of PvP. They are the ones that damage your opponent more than any other factor. You can put PMs into different combos to cost more damage to your enemy. A good combo would be to try to block 2 good hits from opponent. That's the first thing you do. Then when u had 2 good blocks from your opponent, you strike with a PM (most of the time it's Ctrl+V), then you hit your opponent with tally. That should take at least 60% of the opponents HP away.

There are things in PvP called charges. Charges happen when you block an attack from your opponent. If you block an attack even once, it increases your next hit's damage. If you block more than once, it increases your damage even more. Once you attack, the charge is gone. Even if you get hit, your charge is gone. Keep in mind when you're about to PM, you might have no charge. That is why you always have to block during PvP. If you don't block enough, your opponent is going to build up his/her charge by blocking your hits, and then they are going to cause more damage to you than you are causing to them.

Make sure you never get hit while you are using tally. If you get hit using tally, it will take alot of HP from you. It even depends on if your opponent has started a charge yet, it could lower your HP even lower. Quick tally is also pretty usefull because it decreases the time your opponent has to hit you while you are using tally. You quick tally by clicking on the tally button and block as fast as you can afterwards. Pros will know when your tally has been charged up again. Using tally right after it charges up, very bad idea.

There is 3 types of blocking. One of them is used by noobs. One type of blocking is when you just hold the blocking button all the time and your character just keeps blocking slowly. Using that blocking technique will get you killed very fast. Since your character's weapons/arms are coming up slowly, it will be very easy for a pro to time a PM on you, and cause alot of damage. Another way of blocking is when u hold Ctrl and keep taping the "shift" button. Your character will be blocking alot faster, but a pro will still know how to time their PMs. The last type of blocking is kind of like taping the "shift" button while holding "Ctrl" but this time ur holding "shift" until your block is over. You are only blocking when your weapons/arms are at their highest point. You hold your block until your weapns/arms are at the highest then you let go, and as soon as you let go you block again and hold. Then it repeats. A very good way to practice this is to attack a unicorn and see if you can kill it without getting hit, or running, and only use tally. Attacking with your weapons takes way too long and the unicorn will eventually hit you. If you can do this right you have mastered the skills you need to know for blocking during PvP.

Timing is the most important factor when going against a pro. A pro will block most of your moves because he/she has mastered the blocking techniques. If you ever try to hit the opponent while he is not blocking it will make the sound which means that he/she got hit, but they got no damage. That is because whatever your opponent sees on the computer is not the same thing as you see. When your opponent uses PM on his/her side, it won't happen on your screen until about a second later. I don't know why that happens but I figured it out after playing so much. The best time to hit an opponent is when they JUST started their block. Ask a friend to help you during this part. When you notice that the opponents weapons/arms are rising upward that's when you use PM. In the opponents screen it will look like you se their arms don't come all the way down at the end of their block. When you are holding "ctrl" while blocking in the "classic layout" you are not healing. However if you use the number pad on PvP, you must only use #2 to block. You are not holding #1 which is the attack button. That is how you heal up fast, and for some reason it's alot better in PvP from the fights i have gotten into.




There is something called delay on the game. A delay is when on the screen of one player, he attacks but on your screen the opponent doesn't attack until 1-2 seconds later. That is because it takes time for the signal/info to travel from one comp to the other. When you figure out what the other player sees on his desktop/laptop you will figure out how to time correctly. Pros already know how to do this. I already explained when to hit the opponent but it depends on how they block. When players are lagging it takes too much time for your hit to effect the opponent. That's how they can use lagging against you. You know that someone is lagging because they take no damage when you tally them, or it takes a while for it to do damage.

There is a trainer in our clan that is willing to teach anyone how to fight in PvP. His name is ×)÷Ðé(V)øÑ÷(×, if you want to be trained by him leave a message in the guestbook and he will let you know when you start your training.